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I've decided to put fic up for bid at [ profile] helpbrazil2011 to try and help with the aftermath of the massive flooding over there.

My offer:

Fic of at least 1000 words. You may choose to send me a new prompt or you may request an extension/new installment of a fic listed in my memories.
Fandom/s: Lotrips--primarily monaboyd, although I'll try my hand at most others, Top Gear, Inception, Magnificent Seven.
Characters/Pairings: I'll write gen, slash, het, and poly relationships. I am equally comfortable writing canon and AU for all fandoms, and I'll write gen all the way up to NC-17. For TG, I write any variation of the OT3 and have no problem including the Stig or wives and girlfriends. For Lotrips, I don't write Viggo or JRD in slash situations, but am fine with including them as gen side characters. I'm fine writing pretty much any pairing for Inception or Mag 7. Crossovers with fandoms not listed here can be discussed. I don't do death fic or dub/non-con, but will try my hand at pretty much anything else. I am a pokey writer, so it may take me awhile to post the fic, but I will update you as we go.
Requirements/Minimum bids: Bidding starts at $5.

My thread can be found here.

There are all sorts of things on offer over there: fic, graphics, beta services, hand-crafted gifts and jewellry and more. Please have a look around and see if anything there catches your eye. Every little bit counts.
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